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I’m Liz Hudson and this blog is about learning technology, e-learning, digital education and all the buzzwords that, well, buzz around them. I’m a UK-based learning technologist and instructional designer, working in higher education and freelance. I am taking part in Domain Of One’s Own (DoOO) at Coventry University, an exciting initiative to enable staff and students to take ownership of their online identities by creating and curating their own webspaces. As I am championing the project across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, it makes sense that I get my hands dirty too! Besides, it’s about time I got back into blogging so that my musings, rants and rambles have a digital, shareable home.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Groom from Reclaim Hosting to learn more about the project, which, having had success at a growing number of international HE institutions, is looking very promising here in Coventry.

It’s all very exciting stuff and I’m looking forward to seeing how the project unfolds over the coming months. In addition to DoOO updates, I’ll be sharing ideas and resources to engage and support anyone who is interested in digital learning experiences. Watch this space…

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