Time to dust away the cobwebs and start networking!

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OK, so it’s pretty shameful and embarrassing that I’ve not posted on this blog for almost a year now. Especially as I spend so much time advocating the Domain of One’s Own programme to our hardworking but time-poor staff. It’s not like I haven’t done anything on this site, however. You’ll notice a CMALT dropdown menu at the top of my blog, which leads people to a password-protected portfolio. The password is there for good reasons, not (just) because I’m shy 😉

Like any other learning technologist at this time, I am neck-deep in activities to make sure everything’s up and running for the next academic year. So, I can’t wait to get to October, when I can start developing some of the ideas I’ve been working on over the summer. I want to do more to promote Domain of One’s Own among our staff and students, so I really need to get this blog in working order. Conveniently, a few interesting opportunities have arisen to motivate my efforts. Firstly, I will be following #CMALTcMOOC as a candidate or newly-accredited award holder (depends on how I do with deadlines!). The course is co-led by Vickel Narayan, and Thom Cochrane of AUT University New Zealand, whom I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this month. We don’t have an established CMALT community at Coventry University, but this could prove to be the start of one. I hope so, as it can feel a bit lonely when you try to undertake it on your own.

Around the same time, I’ll be studying Edinburgh University’s Introduction to Social Research Methods, via EDx. The course forms an open part of the MSc Digital Education programme, of which I have completed the Postgraduate Certificate (IDEL and DSE modules). I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with this lovely course team and meeting new people, as I take the next steps in my academic development. Since graduation, I have moved on from my former post as Instructional Designer at British Gymnastics and become a Learning Technologist in Arts and Humanities at Coventry University. I am also now a full-time working parent of a two year-old, so I have my hands full, but the HE environment has inspired me to pick up my research efforts. I’m even starting to develop a research focus that could form the basis of a PhD, who knows… this time next year?


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